Thursday, August 7, 2014

A new home for a much loved machine

inherited this lovely Bernina 717 from my husband's grandmother who recently passed.  She sewed all of her three children's clothes with this machine and who knows how many quilts (of which we own 6).  She (the machine - thinking of calling her Betty) was originally meant to be mounted in a table but I didn't have the room for it in my house so I just brought her home hoping that I could either find something online or make a makeshift base of some kind.  My in-laws were in town for several weeks and my father-in-law took it upon himself to make me a beautiful base.  It's like the two were made for each other.  The paint is a perfect match and although it is made out of wood, you would never know!

This picture was taken before I placed her in her permanent home on my sewing table.  I have the manual and about six or so feet plus a couple of odds and ends I'll have to figure out.  She sews like a brute and I will most likely use her for medium to heavy weight fabrics or when I need a specialty foot that I don't have for my other Bernina 1050.  So happy!