Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The "Surinam" Skirt


Fabric:  1.25 yards of lightweight border print from Surinam, South America and lining
Pattern:  McCalls 3341, View D, Size 14
Year:  2007
Notions:  7" invisible zipper, thread
Time to complete:  4 hours 
First worn:  To work today!
Total price:  $0.99 for the pattern, fabric was a gift
Wear again?  Yes!

My husband was is Surinam, South America three years ago for my MIL's 60th birthday.  I couldn't go because I was eight months pregnant at the time.  When he came home he presented me with about four yards of a red/brown border print as a peace offering for leaving me and my daughter in the very pregnant state I was.  He's been hounding me since then to make something with the fabric.  Until now, I haven't been confident enough in my sewing abilities not to f@#$ it up.  This pattern was really easy and I didn't even make a muslin since my changes to Butterick B5466 were very minimal.  Although, in hindsight I need to remember to make adjustments for my long torso!

I even learned my lesson and inserted a lining right off the bat.  Except that the skirt still bunches/catches with tights.  I think it is because the lining I bought is cheap/manmade.  I am such a cheap ass sometimes with regards to fabric and I need to learn that sometimes its worth spending the money for a quality garment.  I think it will be better in the summer when I can wear it without tights.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "Sew Easy" Skirt

FabricAbout 1.5 yards of a stretch gabardine from Joanns.
Pattern:  Butterick B5466, View E, Size 14
Year:  2010
Notions:  7" zipper, hook and eye closure, thread
Time to complete:  Maybe 4 hours over many days 
First worn:  To work a couple of weeks ago 
Total price:  $0.99 for the pattern, fabric was maybe $5
Wear again?  Yes after inserting a lining

I bought like 3 yards of this magenta, stretch gabardine fabric from Joanns last year - it has a bit of stretch in it and I thought it would be a nice candidate for a fall/winter skirt.  I don't know when I picked up this pattern but it must have been during one of the $0.99 sales since that is the only way I buy patterns.  I chose view E in a size 14 to sew and KNEW that I should put in a lining but I didn't listen to reason/intution and forged on.  The photo below shows a lot of puckering in the fabric on the back that doesn't really show when worn.  Also the zipper is a bit low but with a hook and eye this is kinda fixed.

I made a muslin and adjusted the front darts longer by 1.5 inches to mitigate the bagginess in the front.  I didn't know if I was doing the right thing but it seemed to work so I guess I'll be doing more of that in the future until someone tells me otherwise.  I recall having a serger malfunction at some point, but my mind has forgotten all about that horror and I won't be repeating the story here.  I hand stitched the hem and am very proud of the way it looks!

I love the skirt - just love it.  Except.  One.  Thing.  It needs a lining.  So before I wear it again, I'll need to insert a lining.  Should be easy enough - I just have to get over that hump of going back to a "finished" project.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Patterns to a good home

Anyone want these:

Serendipity Studio, Butterick 5439, and Mcalls M5608 patterns have not been cut.

Simplicity 9911 has been cut at a size L

Simplicity 2767 has been cut at a size 3.

Oliver + s pattern has been cut at a size 3.