Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "Sew Easy" Skirt

FabricAbout 1.5 yards of a stretch gabardine from Joanns.
Pattern:  Butterick B5466, View E, Size 14
Year:  2010
Notions:  7" zipper, hook and eye closure, thread
Time to complete:  Maybe 4 hours over many days 
First worn:  To work a couple of weeks ago 
Total price:  $0.99 for the pattern, fabric was maybe $5
Wear again?  Yes after inserting a lining

I bought like 3 yards of this magenta, stretch gabardine fabric from Joanns last year - it has a bit of stretch in it and I thought it would be a nice candidate for a fall/winter skirt.  I don't know when I picked up this pattern but it must have been during one of the $0.99 sales since that is the only way I buy patterns.  I chose view E in a size 14 to sew and KNEW that I should put in a lining but I didn't listen to reason/intution and forged on.  The photo below shows a lot of puckering in the fabric on the back that doesn't really show when worn.  Also the zipper is a bit low but with a hook and eye this is kinda fixed.

I made a muslin and adjusted the front darts longer by 1.5 inches to mitigate the bagginess in the front.  I didn't know if I was doing the right thing but it seemed to work so I guess I'll be doing more of that in the future until someone tells me otherwise.  I recall having a serger malfunction at some point, but my mind has forgotten all about that horror and I won't be repeating the story here.  I hand stitched the hem and am very proud of the way it looks!

I love the skirt - just love it.  Except.  One.  Thing.  It needs a lining.  So before I wear it again, I'll need to insert a lining.  Should be easy enough - I just have to get over that hump of going back to a "finished" project.

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Haylee said...

So cute! I love that purple color. I've made this skirt too and I completely agree, it needs a lining. I made the mistake of trying to avoid that the last time I made it and the skirt just did not work out. Ahh and the "finished project hump", I HATE that whole thing. I swear it is the hardest thing ever to go back to old projects once their complete, it's like they've completely been sucked of any inspiration and motivation they once had. Ironic that you're having that issue with this skirt because it's the same exact way for mine! Though if it means anything to you, I don't think it looks like it's in need of a lining at all, though I know the feeling of wearing it can be totally different. Just saying though!